Private Investment and ICO
July, 2019: Pre-sale of the 10 million RTX coins.

July 2019: RTX coin network officially opened and RtFinex exchange opened to start using RTX coins to pay transaction fees, or buy and sell RTX coins and other cryptos.

*expected time may subject to change, but so far looks appropriate.

The total amount of RTX coins is 200 million(50million for mining, 50million as develop fund, and the initial coin sale is 100 million). All of raised fund goes to further R&D and promotion exchanges. No founder will get any bonus from it.

Pre-sales are available July, 2019. Please contact

Will have 7 batch of sales at 10million each, early batches are lower in price and investors should try to buy early.

Step 1: contact
Step 2. Take a screenshot of your payment confirmation and email it to:

The team made the following contract commitment to RTX Coin investors:
The team made the following contract commitment to RTX Coin investors:

1. Three million transaction/sec performance.

2. The transaction fee calculation is based on the higher of RTX ICO price andmarket price. In worst case, ICO price is used to calculate the transaction fee.

3. RTX customer's account uses RTX coins to pay transaction fees at no morethan 0.05% for life. Moreover, the Exchange committed to maintain its priceadvantage over major exchanges for at least 5 years. We have 1/10 of cost,so we can afford price war.

4. If ICO purchase exceeds 3,000 US dollars, then transaction fee for the first1,000 dollars is waived.

5. If ICO purchase exceeds 3,000 US dollars, then transfer fee to otherRtFinex customer account is zero for life. If you have enough credit score withRtFinex, the transfer is completed within 1 second.

6. If exchange is hacked, ICO customers get 100% compensation.

7. All private equity customers' assets are stored at the company's offline coldwallet safe in bank bunker for free for life.

8. ICO customers enjoy life-long free macroeconomic and digital currencyfutures summary based on Wall Street top investment banks’ reports, whichdetails large account position and sentiments of fund managers.

Investment Risks:
Policy risk is the biggest risk for crypto digital coins. At present, only Japan and Switzerland legalized crypto coins for general shopping, while most countries have limited commercial application. The second risk is whether our platform will win the competition and serve our community well. What we can commit is that we target to make RTX the best digital coin.

As with any investment, and especially in new products or ventures, there are risks. Even though our team has some of the best technical experts, and we are fully committed to do our best to make RTX our life-time achievement, the future is still mostly unknown to us, and we can¡¯t guarantee company profitability, investment profitability, or guarantee that the RTX price will increase or stay in certain range, or that we can beat our competitors. Investors have to study carefully and compare us with other competitors to make their best decision.