Crypto transaction can't be reversed or traced, so security of exchange needs to be millions times better than banks. RtFinex is designed to have the best security and speed(cost) in the world. It is a masterpiece of work by the join efforts of key expert high frequency trading in Wall-street, real-time database expert from Silicon valley.

  • Real-time in general mean response time 1~15 milisecond.
  • Security is millions of times better than banks or other exchanges

  • We have multiple firewalls, all addresses 3/5 multisig, cold wallet, transparent fee of 0 ~ 0.05%, registered legal exchange at Wyoming by American engineers, USA where you have strong legal protection.

    Global Rank Security
    Details Millions of times more secure than bank: All addresses are multisig, 2 Silicon valley built firewalls, offline cold wallet, Security should be No.1 when choose an exchange, because if exchange lost all money in hacking, it can't pay back you even if it promised. top 1
    Storage You can lockdown all your operations: trade, transfer and all settings. Hacker have to pass 2 strict firewalls, 2 levels audit and 3 levels of multisig approval. Our security is at least a million times stronger than normal PC. top 1
    Speed trading in 1 to 15 msec; 1 msec internal transfer; lightening speed and 100 times fast than blink of eyes. top 1
    Sell Short We support sell short in one single account. Crypto swing very widely, be able to short give you more safety and profit opportunity . top 3
    Cost 0 for all receive, 0.25~5USDC maximal for trade and send. All trade, cost transparent, no trick/hidden fee. top 5
    Fairness SEC mandates American exchanges can't engage trading itself, nor can leak information of customer, exchange to insider or partner before public disclosure. All players must get information at the same time. top 3
    Accountability US engineer register in Wyoming, USA, which has the strongest legal enforcement(if American citizen breaks the law, FBI will catch him even if he hides in Africa). If we were registered in a small island, you can do nothing if we bully you. top 10